The most famous Amazigh Musicians in the Middle Atlas of Morocco

In the Middle Atlas, Morocco, like anywhere else, music reflects marked natural as well as social manifestations and events, such as rainfall, harvest, marriage, etc. Therefore, Most Middle Atlas songs revolve around green crops, love, sorrow, and other social matters.

1. Mohamed ROUICHA

Mohamed ROUICHA (1950 – 2012) was a pioneer Moroccan folk artist. He was poet, composer, singer and an excellent L’outar player. He is known and loved by even the non-Amazigh Moroccans. His songs, such as Inas Inas, Ya lehbiba and bini w’binek darou lehdoud, revolve around love and life with a deep human touch.

ROUICHA is an abbreviation in the Tamazight language which refers to what his friends used to tell him ‘mix something for us’. So he was able to spontaneously come up with on-the-spot songs.

His fans find in his him an authentic talent mingled with a cosy spirit. This enabled him to be loved, gain fame and perform not only in Morocco and North Africa, but worldwide as well.

2. The Maestro Mouha Olhoussein ACHIBAN

Mouha Oulhoussein ACHIBAN (1916 –2016) was a leading figure in the Amazigh art, more specifically the Ahidous music. He started his artistic career in 1950s. Then he toured around the world as a leader of a folk band performed in almost all countries.

ACHIBAN was known for the moves he used to make with his hands which earned him ‘The Maestro’. A nickname that was attributed to him by the U.S president Ronald Reagan who once attended one of his genuine and entertaining performances. 

3. Hadda OUAKKI

Hadda OUAKKI, born in 1953 in the Zaouia of Aït Ishaq (province of Khenifra), was an emblematic figure of Amazigh song. She began her artistic career in 1969 with the famous Amazigh singer Bennasser OUKHOUYA who since 1968 had formed with Hadda OUAAKKI an unforgettable duo that marked the history of Amazigh song of the Middle Atlas.

4. Abdelaziz AHOUZAR

Abdelaziz AHOUZAR was born in 1968 in Lekbab, a very small town in Khenifra region. He was gifted in singing in both Arabic as well as the Tamazight. Yet, he found his calling in his mother tongue.

5. Laila CHAKIR

Laila CHAKIR, born in the Atlas region, is a Moroccan singer who lives in Brussels but sings in the Tarifit. Leila has various works in Morocco and abroad that are famous especially among the Moroccan community in Europe. In addition to her solo works, Laila has also performed with many artists such as Dj Hamida and Mo Temsmani.

6. Mustapha OUMGUIL

Mustapha OUMGUIL, born in 1973 in the town of El Hajeb, was a Moroccan Amazigh singer.

7. Khadija ATLAS

Khadija ATLAS is another remarkable and strong voice that, due to which, the Amazigh traditional music is sustained. She is a must in Artistic festivals and a highly awaited TV shows guest. Her talent enabled her to collaborate with prominent Moroccan artists.

8. Cherifa KERSIT

In the mountainous region of Khenifra in the Middle Atlas, an exceptional voice was born, Cherifa Kersit. Before she pursued her individual artistic path, Cherifa collaborated with reputed artist such as Mohamed ROUICHA and Mohamed MAGHNI.

In 1999 she traveled to France in order to take parts in a significant show “Dances and song by the Woman of Morocco, from dawn to dusk”. 2002 is the year when she released her first album “Amazigh Blues”

9. Mustapha LAAKRI

Mustapha LAAKRI was a Moroccan singer who was born in 1965 El Hajeb,

10. Tamhawcht

11. El Hassania

12. Houssa 46

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